Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Monday Morning! As promised last Monday, today's topic is on motivating your self in SALES. I have read too many books to count on this topic and have been in sales 25+ years. You are always in sales as a small business owner. Whether you are the one making those cold calls or you have a sales staff, you have to keep either yourself or them motivated.

Do you want to have your jewelry in a retail store? Do you think "Hmm, my designs are as good as that" when you see other jewelry in that store window? Well what's holding you back? Probably fear! Fear of rejection, fear of not being ready for retail, fear of it not selling (gosh, my mother says its good enough) Oh sooo many fears creep in. These are all feelings that you can work at to dismiss.

I think #1 is "the fear of rejection". Ask yourself this, what is the worst thing that is going to happen? They say .. No - not now - call back - maybe later - I was thinking about it - let's set up a meeting for you to show me your line - yes, I love these I'll take a dozen! :) Any of these answers are possible when you make that cold call. So every time you have to pick up that phone or walk in that door think of the many response that could happen and you won't know until you ask.

So now you have made those first 2 cold calls and both have knocked you down because they said they were not interested. What now? how do you pick yourself up to keep going to that 3rd and 4th call, with a positive attitude? I was once given this piece of advice by a mentor and business owner and I always thought of it as I left a call that didn't yield a good return, "throw enough shit against the wall and some of it is gonna stick!". When you really think about this in actual form, gross!! but true :) You just have to keep at it, some times it will be the first call and then not the next 10 and sometimes you have to make that 10 to get one on the 11th. But the good thing is, it is inevitable!! if you throw enough at it. Charting your calls using a sales funnel can help you quantify the number of prospects needed at each stage of the "prospect to closed sales" cycle.

If the "fear of not being ready for retail" is what's holding you back ask yourself why? What will make you feel ready? Being an entrepreneur and running a small business you have to learn to run by the seat of your pants and get used to the fact that sometimes you never feel ready. Sometimes you will be presented with opportunities that you really have to just wing-it, so being flexible is a must. I think you have to ask yourself this, "what is the worst thing that is going to happen?" So you make that sales call not feeling ready and you make a few mistakes, lesson learned for the next time.

Just remember - it's not rocket science or the next cure for cancer. I'm not saying don't take your business serious but remember - it's jewelry! Have some fun along the way .. and always remember when you walk out of a meeting that didn't quite go the way you wanted ..
next ... next ... next ... there is always the next prospect, next sale, next new opportunity.

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