Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Name That Necklace contest ..

............. Name this Necklace line ..............
Name this Necklace line 
and you can win ..

I have a new series of necklaces that I'm having a heck of a time naming.  They are all the same style but are different, due to the vintage closure used in each one.  Some also use vintage glass Japanese pearls and some use real freshwater pearls.  Can you help me name this line of necklaces?

Check out these other examples that have more pictures and the full description ..

How to enter ..
Submit a comment in this post with your name idea, I will select the top 3 names .. then it's up to the voting public :) The winner will be selected by voting in a poll right here on this blog.  The top three will be selected and listed here on Friday Sept 24th, when voting starts. The poll will close on Friday Oct 1st and winner will be announced.

What do you win if you are the selected name? 
A pair of these from the DIBA Jewelry line "Vintage Made Modern"..

I appreciate all your comments - Good Luck to all!
~ Dianne

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