Monday, June 1, 2009

Have you ever thought about what drives you? What keeps you motivated? Are you more motivated in one aspect of running your business over another? Having your own small business requires you to be motivated in so many areas; sales, marketing, operations, design and creation, accounting, etc. Today we will talk about staying motivated in general, being an entrepreneur and having a mentor.

Having a mentor is really important, actually I would say imperative to being a small business owner. I have been very fortunate to have a few in my life that have helped in so many ways. From each I got guidance and advice as well as encouragement and motivation to keep those feet moving forward. In running your own small business you can be extremely hard on yourself and a mentor will help you stay positive, empower you to move ahead. They will also give you constructive feedback and guidance, so you can strive to reach your goals.

There are various different ways in selecting a mentor, it could be someone in business that you admire, respect and has achieved something that you aspire to achieve, as well as someone who cares about your success and achievements. If you don't know anyone that can act as a mentor or are looking for a completely external source, there are also business coach's that you can hire, that are trained in coaching to help stay motivated and achieve your goals. You may also be able to find a mentor through your local government entrepreneurial or small business programs. Books are great but remember, a live person gives you that kick in your pants and makes you accountable on a consistent basis. You may want to find a mentor for different areas of your business; finance, business, design. Industry expertise can be an asset but should not be a necessity in finding a mentor. Be prepared when you meet with them initially, have any information about your business and goals you would like to achieve (your dream business). Have any questions ready that you want to ask and remember to listen, listen, listen .. after all you are there to get their advice.

I want to pass this on to you, I have had this quote glued in my day timer for about 20 years now and has been a great source of motivation to me:

"I know the price of success .........
Dedication, Hard Work, and the unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen."

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an extraordinary man and I just love this quote!
"unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen" that really rings home with me and is such a powerful sentence. Every time that "cannot do attitude" creeps over me, I think of this quote. We all know how much dedication and hardwork we need to put forward in anything we want to achieve but it's especially these two words that I find a great reminder to make it happen - unremitting: constant, incessant ...devotion: the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal. If he were alive today I would love to have him as a mentor, so for my lifetime I can only use his written words.
Have a happy and productive Monday!
Next "Mondays Motivation" topic - motivating yourself in sales ...

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